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First of all, I feel the need to point out that there never was a civil war in the USA. By definition, a civil war is where 2 or more factions are fighting for control of the same government. The War For States' Rights was not about control of the US government, but about our desire to govern ourselves as an independent nation. That desire still remains strong with us.

That having been said, I have put down as much information about the War For State's Rights as I have on hand, and will continually add to it as I get more. Information about Battles and Campaigns, Distinguished Military Units, Statesmen, Soldier's Lives during "the conflict", Officers, Weapons, Prison Camps, Blockade Runners, Spies, Slavery Issues, and many other categories. I am a Confederate all the way to the bone and would love nothing better than to list only triumphs by our Glorious Nation, but this would not be fair to history. All of my information can be easily verified by anyone who disputes any of it. Those who have actually studied history (or at least paid attention in history class, assuming they had a good teacher like I did - thank you Mr. Simms) know that the War For State's Rights was not about slavery (as the occupational government would like you to believe), but about where (at its most basic level) governing laws, and regulations should come from. This site will, undoubtedly, go through many updates and revisions as time goes on, though I will ONLY post truthful and accurate information. I am not a racist, skinhead, hate-monger, or any of the other labels usually associated with those who dispute the distorted Yankee version of this period in the history of our two countries usually are.
Now, without further ado, on with the information (which will be continually added to as my limited free time allows):

Secession CrisisBattles And CampaignsOfficers & EnlistedMen
Famous UnitsSoldiers' LivesArtillery, Arms & Ammunition
Spies, Raiders &PartisansPolitics & PoliticiansHome Front
Prisons, Paroles &POWsShips, Blockades &RaidersForeign Influences
Flags, Uniforms &InsigniaCasualties & MedicalCareSlavery & Emancipation
Aftermath &Reconstruction
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